About me...

Hi, I’m Henry Rose, I'm aged 12 and I'm a very keen photographer.  I love taking pictures of nature and wildlife from around my local villages and both National Trust and RSPB venues, of which we are members.  My favourite subject is the natural world and wildlife.  I am very proud to have been the runner-up in the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards competition in 2020, in the Under 12 category.
I get my inspiration to be a photographer from my dad and my older cousin, Matty.  I update my portfolio every change in Season.  Please take a look at my photography on this site.  I'd love to know what you think!  If you sign up to my newsletter below, from Spring 2021 I will email you when I upload new pictures to my web site.
Thanks for looking, Henry.

Hen Winter Crop.jpg