My Camera Equipment

SLR Samsung ToGuard.jpg

Nikon D3200 HD SLR:

My main camera is a 24.2MP Nikon HD SLR.  I use it with a standard lens and a zoom lens.  It is the most effective camera out of all those I’ve tried to date.  The photos are very clear and I enjoy experimenting with the different lenses.


Samsung S9 Mobile Phone:

I like using my dad’s mobile ‘phone when I don’t have my SLR handy.  It is a Samsung S9 and has a 12MP camera. I really like how you have all different settings for camera modes and I would definitely recommend Samsung cameras when you don’t have an SLR.


ToGuard H20 Digital Wildlife Camera:

This camera is an outdoor wildlife camera that can capture video and still photos.  It has a 16MP camera and 1080P video recording capability.  I am just starting to experiment with this camera, I will upload some to my albums soon.


Nikon COOLPIX P1000:

My latest camera is the Nikon COOLPIX P100 and although quite small, this camera is amazing for long range photos and very handy when on walks.